Protecția animalelor

Sterilizari gratuite Saceni-Teleorman

Perioada: 01.03.2020 - 30.11.2020 Activ în Ilfov
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There are a lot of animal lovers, but only few of them get actively involved in saving them. A share or a like on social media is not enough to help a suffering animal.

We put emotion and passion in this project and we hope that they will become contagious, and this will awaken the feeling of compassion and generosity among people. This is not just a struggle with injustice, it is a struggle to win the good, to change mentalities.

That is why we created Sterilizari Gratuite Saceni. We are a group of friends, animal lovers who have committed to get actively involved in saving suffering animals.

Scopul proiectului


The purpose of the project

The purpose of the Sterilizari Gratuite Saceni team is to help the community to sterilize for FREE their dogs and cats, male and female, but also the homeless, abandoned animals from the neighboring area.

Cui donez?

Who to donate to?

World Animal Veterinary Emissaries offers free pet sterilization for the Saceni community.

De ce să donez?

Why donate?

Because sterilizing even one dog or cat, you have already contributed to saving hundreds of puppies/kittens that will not come unwanted into the world. We strongly believe that by combining prevention with animal treatment as well as by changing mentalities regarding how these souls should be taken care of, we can get positive and long lasting results

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Suntem o echipa de medici veterinari dedicata cauzei animalelor fara stapan. Credem ca putem face mult mai mult pentru animalele fara stapan si de aceea am sterilizat pana acum 65000 caini si pisici , am printat si distribuit 17000 brosuri educationale si am creat primul proiect de ajutorare a animalelor fara stapan care au nevoie de ingrijire medicala . 


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